Gigantic: Rampage Edition launches to 'mostly positive' reviews on Steam, but server problems are once again causing headaches

The developers of the newly-launched Gigantic: Rampage Edition have apologized for persistent server issues that are preventing players from joining the game, and say they're putting together a "compensation package" to make up for all the headaches.

After closing its doors in 2018, Gearbox's MOBA-hero shooter Gigantic made a surprise comeback in 2023, a purportedly one-off event that eventually blossomed into this week's launch of the updated Rampage Edition. In gameplay terms it's essentially identical to the original, with some new content added; the big change is that instead of relying on microtransactions, it's a single-purchase, pay-and-play game.

The response so far is "mostly positive" across almost 1,400 Steam user reviews—not a huge number, but not bad for day one either. But once again, game servers are causing headaches for everyone.

Problems first appeared with servers in Asia, but while Abstraction Games was able to get that sorted fairly quickly, disconnection troubles were soon widespread. Post-launch updates seem to have improved the situation for some players, but it's clear there are still issues to address. Some players have been able to access the game following the most recent update, which rolled out earlier this afternoon, but others are still struggling to get in.

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Interestingly, most of the players responding to the Gigantic update messages on Twitter don't seem to mind waiting, at least for now: Some are critical of various aspects of the game but the overall feeling seems to be gratitude that the game is back—and for those able to get in, happiness with the experience. 

That is perhaps not surprising: The general consensus is that the original Gigantic didn't fail because of its gameplay, but due to over-aggressive microtransaction pricing. (Of course, squaring up with the then-hot-and-fresh Overwatch didn't help.)

"We're preparing some server updates that should be rolling out later today, we'll have further announcements on our social media channels and Discord then to keep you updated," the studio said in an announcement posted on Steam. "Additionally, we're preparing a compensation package for all players to make up for all the troubles and lost time, which we're looking to roll out after these updates."

The most recent up went live just a couple hours ago, at around 3 pm ET, and while it's too soon to call the server problems fixed, it does seem like things are headed in the right direction: Steam Charts indicates Gigantic: Rampage Edition has now climbed to an all-time peak concurrent player count of roughly 6,000.

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