Stardew Valley modder challenges players with an 'everything bagel' recipe that requires 134 ingredients

Stardew Valley - a farmer holds a modded "everything bagel" over their head.
(Image credit: ConcernedApe, modded by SiTheGreat)

In honor of the day of fools, the latest in extremely niche Stardew Valley modding brings us one player's vision of a more sensible world: an everything bagel that actually requires everything as an ingredient. How does it all fit into one bagel? I can only assume a blender is involved.

Stardew Valley modder SiTheGreat uploaded The Everything Bagel today with the encouraging message "Happy April :)" and "I don't know what inspired me to make this beyond a general frustration at the name of the so-called 'everything bagel.'" The mod adds a new recipe to the game, the poorly named bagel with which SiTheGreat takes umbrage, and in order to cook it you will indeed need every food ingredient in Stardew Valley. 

Given that they're so clear about what the mod does, I've gotta say the only fool here is anyone who undertakes this monstrous task. If you've ever completed the "Full Shipment" achievement in Stardew Valley, which requires you to sell one of every item in the game through your shipping bin, this should be no sweat though, right? 

But the challenge begins even before you start collecting everything you'll need, because deciphering the shopping list is a bit tricky. SiTheGreat warns that the game tooltip which normally shows the ingredients needed for a recipe may actually just run right off your screen, leaving around 120 or so ingredients all a total mystery.

To that end, they've provided a helpful list of hints on what "everything" actually entails:

  • All ingredients are some form of food
  • Very few are artisan goods
  • No legendary fish (or their Qi challenge counterparts) are needed
  • New foods from 1.6 are not included

And if you want one last hint from me, the list includes 134 total items, based on snooping through the mod's code. You could cross reference them with the player wiki list of Stardew Valley item IDs if you're really stumped. Oh, and they haven't trolled us by putting Abigail's favorite mineral snack on the list. I checked. 

SiTheGreat says that they've not yet tracked down the item IDs for the new foods added in the Stardew Valley 1.6 update but will add those in a future update. Because nobody commits to the bit quite like a modder.

Lauren Morton
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