Get a gig as a broom bike courier in this solarpunk adventure inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service

Crescent County just got its first trailer at the PC Gaming Show, and this delivery life-sim looks like a turbocharged version of Kiki's Delivery service—mostly thanks to the cosy solarpunk world and souped-up motorbrooms. 

Arriving on the quaint Isle of Morah, located in the Crescent Archipelago, you start up a business as a delivery driver, but instead of using an average DPD van, you get to go about your business on a motorboom—think witch's broom crossed with a motorbike. 

The trailer shows just how many activities you can get up to whether that be completing daily tasks, exploring the Isle and meeting new people with similar interests, or even herding a startled bunch of sheep to safety. There's also an option to race around the dimly lit streets at sunset, which looks like the best way to wind down after a day of work. 

Watching these motorbrooms race around the Isle as the sun sets also reminds me of seeing Kaneda's bike race around Neo-Tokyo for the first time in Akira. Crescent Crove wouldn't be the first bit of media to take inspiration from this iconic bike, but it's nice to see it done with a slightly cosier witch-core vibe. 

You can also settle down on the island and make a home for yourself, literally. After getting a few gigs, the next step is to make your house a home and decorate it to your heart's content. And then, when everything else is up to scratch, you can work on your social skills—this is where Crescent County becomes more than just a delivery sim game. 

(Image credit: Electric Saint)

Like most life-sim games, Crescent County has a touch of romance. Meeting new people while on the job and in your spare time is part of the fun and the best way to find new crushes and platonic relationships. Think of it as a coming-of-age story where you get to build your found family. 

But what I'm most excited about in this delivery life sim so far has to be its solarpunk world. The beautiful rolling green hills, idyllic ocean views, and charming art style all come together to make what looks to be an unforgettable cosy game. But honestly, after sinking so much time into post-apocalyptic games like Fallout 76 or Metro Exodus, it just seems like a nice idea to explore a world that isn't trying to kill you and actually has a bright future. 

Elie Gould
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