Dead by Daylight's new multiplayer horror game Project T is brave enough to ask: What if the survivors had a lot of guns, and also a truck

Angry man holding with a shotgun
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Midwinter Entertainment's upcoming game, codenamed Project T, is a new take on the Dead by Daylight universe. It swaps out helpless survivors trying to fix generators for gritty trespassers fighting hordes of monsters off with guns, trucks, and just about anything you can get your hands on—it looks more like Left 4 Dead than anything we've seen in Dead by Daylight before. 

It's been a year since Project T was announced, and while we don't have a name yet, Midwinter Entertainment has released a short behind-the-scenes video explaining what work has been done so far. During this, it showed off a couple of very cool (and creepy) location designs, as well as some monster models that look suitably horrifying for a Dead by Daylight game. 

While Midwinter confirms that the realm in which you find yourself (known as the Backwater) is also controlled by an Entity, instead of facing up against horrendous eldritch creatures (or Chucky) like players usually would in Dead by Daylight, they'll fight monsters known as the Thrall. "These terrors come in many forms and have different deadly abilities," the creative director at Midwinter Entertainment, TJ Perillo, says in the behind-the-scenes video. "Their origins and nature are unclear, but they certainly don't take kindly to trespassers within their domain."

These monstrous creeps resemble the infected you'd find in Left 4 Dead, with some generic enemies and also a couple of special ones with unique abilities. There's a small one holding a shotgun, a bog-witch enemy holding a jar that probably contains something fun like exploding jelly, and a giant holding a meat cleaver and a scythe. I just hope the last one isn't common, because he looks like his punches could wind me through the screen. 

The Backwater will also be "an ever-changing landscape," Risa Taneda, the artistic director at Midwinter Entertainment, says. Info on the setting's limited, but the few artistic renderings that are shown make it look like a beautifully nerve-wracking environment. There's twisted sacrificial sites covered in candles, dark pine forests with jagged rocks running through like teeth, and derelict houses sitting in misty forest openings, all keeping to Dead by Daylight's dedication to its chilling atmospheres. 

Other than these eerie places and terrifying monsters there's not much more information on Midwinter's upcoming game. "Project T is still in development, but that doesn't mean you'll have to wait another year for more news," Perillo says. "We're looking to get your opinions and share information, so we're creating a platform called the "Insider Program." This is a place where all the players excited about this new take on the Dead by Daylight universe can gather and be active participants in the project's development."

Luckily, there's also enough jarring horrors to be found in the mainline Dead by Daylight series right now. It was just announced that one of D&D's most infamous villains will be the next killer, so there's still plenty of ways to get your scares while you wait for more news on Project T. 

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