Dead Space x Battlefield 2042 crossover event looks fun, even if it isn't quite what Dead Space fans have been hoping for

Battlefield 2042 x Dead Space screenshot
(Image credit: EA)

Here's something to make you say "huh": Battlefield 2042 is getting a compelling-looking Dead Space crossover event that will run for just one week. 

The mode is called Outbreak, and will be available in the shooter from July 9-16.

Judging from the trailer above, Outbreak is a typical co-op horde mode. We might find out that it's not very deep, but it looks fun enough, and it's funny to see Isaac Clarke fighting alongside regular soldiers—would've been a different story if he'd had a bit of backup on the Ishimura. 

"In Outbreak, squads are tested by their human resilience and resourcefulness against a new and relentless enemy all while trying to escape the Boreas laboratory," says EA. 

What makes the event mildly surprising is that Battlefield 2042 is more or less finished, with no new seasons planned and the bulk of EA's Battlefield development force at DICE and elsewhere now working on what's next for the series. And after the good Dead Space remake from Motive, it doesn't look like Dead Space 2 will get the same treatment, because that team is now also working on the Battlefield series.

Some Dead Space fans have taken the crossover as a cue to vent about their likely-to-remain-unfulfilled desire for a Dead Space 2 remake. All Motive itself has said about the event is: "A Dead Space event in Battlefield? We love to see it!" 

Aside from whatever's next for Battlefield, Motive is currently working on an Iron Man game.

As for Battlefield 2042, I haven't played much of it recently, but I enjoyed the highly-criticized FPS when it launched, even before DICE's long revision campaign, which led Morgan to declare last year that it's now "really good." 

Battlefield 2042 is a measly $5 on Steam right now, and I think it's well worth that price, with or without next week's Dead Space crossover.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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