Bungie patches an unknown exploit, but players think it has something to do with an AFK loot farm in private Crucible matches

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Bungie has acted as quick as ever to patch an exploit in Destiny 2's private Crucible matches and, while the developer hasn't explicitly said what the issue was, players are pretty sure it has something to do with a specific AFK loot farm. 

Gaming YouTuber Cheese Forever found a hack and shared a video explaining how players could make use of it yesterday. It basically just explains how you can set up a private solo crucible match, and if you activate certain settings you can adjust the match length to one minute and the drops you get for winning. The default is just glimmer but if you go to the last slot in your ghost mods you have the choice between prosperity for world drops and red borders, modularity for upgrade modules, prism harvest for prisms, and finally core harvest for cores. This opens up a wide selection of items for you to farm.  

Hours later the Bungie Help Twitter account said: "Due to an issue, we've disabled rewards from Crucible private matches." The top reply is actually Cheese Forever linking the video mentioned above, simply saying "this is why it was disabled." While it doesn't seem if all the exploits that Cheese Forever mentions has been patched it is no longer possible to enter survival matches alone or solo so you can win by team deaths, making AFK wins impossible. 

One player even voiced their upset over people sharing exploits only for them to be fixed almost immediately: "As much as I appreciate you sharing this knowledge for so long, the fact that you're sharing it is the reason why it always gets patched. If we could just keep this information to ourselves and pass it around through chat we'd be able to enjoy these things for longer." 

It's quite telling that Destiny players feel the need to rely on exploits and farming to get what they want from the game. As one player even points out in the comments: "a lot of people want to do this kind of stuff so they can upgrade their weapons to play even more of your game." 

But if you do like to use exploits to your advantage then unfortunately then you'll now have to find another one. While it is unclear if Cheese Forever's video caused the patch, the timing of a few hours is interesting. There are even a few comments under the video theorising how quickly Bungie will take to fix all the issues talked about, with one user sharing that it's actually been patched: "patched dammit. Post these economy farms at night my brother." 

Clamping down on farming and exploits isn't out of the ordinary for Bungie, the developers have had to fix these problems plenty of times before. When it came to Destiny 2: The Witch Queen there was an exploit in the Shattered Throne dungeon's notorious AFK farm "The Thrallway" which gave out outrageous amounts of XP, Glimmer, and engrams to players, so it had to get patched pretty quickly. 

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