Dynasty Warriors: Origins coming in 2025 with more 1 v 1,000 action

I don't know about you, but if I saw a lone warrior come sprinting into a huge crowd of heavily armed soldiers, swing a sword once, and send about 20 of them flying through the air, I wouldn't step up and attack that hero. I would drop my weapons and run until I was in a different country.

But then I'm not one of the shockingly optimistic soldiers in Dynasty Warriors: Origins, which was revealed today at Sony's State of Play. Check out the trailer above and see one badass warrior defeat what looks like every soldier in the entire world.

"Since Dynasty Warriors 2 (the original Dynasty Warriors was a fighting game!), the roots of this series have always been based around the 'sense of realism on the battlefield' and 'the exhilaration of 1 vs. 1,000' gameplay," says Tomohiko Show, head of developer Omega Force. "In Dynasty Warriors: Origins, we will return to these roots to deliver this non-stop action to not only our most loyal fans of the series, but to all game fans worldwide. "

Interestingly for the Dynasty Warriors series, which began way back in 1997, Origins will feature an all new protagonist, a nameless hero. "Play through the historical tale of war through the eyes of our new protagonist, showcasing the vast land of China and its timeless soldiers and generals like never before!" says Sho.

There's no confirmation yet that Dynasty Warriors: Origins will launch on PC, but it's planned for a console launch next year.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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