How to summon Andariel in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Andariel
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While playing season four of Diablo 4, you might find yourself wanting to try out the new endgame boss, Andariel. She may not be a giant maggot, but she's similar to her brother boss, Duriel, in other ways; she's level 100, only available in Torment world tier, and has exactly the same loot table.

Why don't I just fight reliable ol' Duriel then? Well, that's because Andariel requires different materials and hence means you have to fight different bosses, so might be more convenient to access if you're not just farming Varshan and Grigoire constantly. Also after season two's uber rate boost, I think we're all pretty sick of looking at Duriel's rotten mug. So, here's how to get the materials you need and summon Andariel.

How to get Sandscorched Shackles and Pincushioned Dolls

Just like her brother, Duriel, you'll need two different materials if you want to summon Andariel for a fight. These are Sandscorched Shackles and Pincushioned Dolls. The first comes from fighting Lord Zir, while you can get the second by beating The Beast in the Ice. As the devs explained, Andariel has the same loot table as Duriel, including uber uniques, so fighting her is basically a way to encourage people to try bosses other than Varshan and Grigoire. 

Besides target-farming specific uniques, you'd usually fight those two a lot more to get the Mucus-Slick Eggs and Shards of Agony for calling up Duriel—now Zir and The Beast drop their own boss materials, you have an alternate route to get those uniques and a chance at ubers via Andariel. 

The good news is that it's also easier to get Exquisite Blood and Distilled Fear for summoning Zir and The Beast. Exquisite Blood drops from pretty much every public event now, and you can get Distilled Fear via world bosses, too.

How to summon Andariel

You can call up Andariel at the Hanged Man's Hall lair in the Scouring Sands region of Kehjistan once you reach Torment world tier. Just like the other bosses, you'll have to fight through the first little section of the lair, before you arrive in The Wounded Court where her altar is. 

To summon Andariel you need:

  • Two Sandscorched Shackles
  • Two Pincushioned Dolls

It's the same ratio as Varshan and Grigoire for Duriel, so you'll have to fight two Zirs and two Beasts for every single Andariel run. Remember that she is also level 100 like Duriel, making her a purely endgame boss. If you feel like even more of a challenge, you can also summon the Tormented Echo version of Andariel with extra materials for bigger rewards.

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