Gamergate Freegames announced

As reported by RPS yesterday, and highlighted in the trailer, Gamersgate are launching an Ads-driven gaming service that'll let you download and play games free of charge. The only catch is that you're forced to watch/ignore an advert each time you load one up.

The service will work on PC and Mac and will allow for up to five games to be downloaded at any one time. Theodore Bergquist, owner of Gamersgate has said: "This is the first service of its kind for computer games. That we've managed to sign deals for the American market says a lot about the interest for this kind of services and the biggest publisher in the world believes in us. Gamersgate was one of the first actors to offer games for download. This service is the biggest thing that has happened to the games market since Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 were released.”

The official site features a countdown to the games release, which is a whopping 82 days away. Still, it's probably worth signing up for the beta while you're over there .

We'll have more on Gamersgate's FreeGames in the next 81 days. Promise.