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Game on the big screen with this 65-inch 4K TV on sale for $498

Game on the big screen with this 65-inch 4K TV on sale for $498
(Image credit: Vizio)

Big screen TVs have come down in price quite a bit over the years, to the point where bringing home a 65-inch model does not have to set you back a grand or more. I'm not just talking about crappy TVs, either. Over at Walmart, you can buy a Vizio 65-inch M-series (M656-G4) 4K TV with HDR support (opens in new tab)for just $498 right now.

That's $250 below the list price Walmart advertises, and while it doesn't usually sell for that amount, it's $201.99 less than Vizio's price. It's an excellent bargain for a big screen TV. Even better, the M-series is not Vizio's entry-level range.

Vizio 65" M656-G4 4K HDR Smart TV | $498 (save $201.99) (opens in new tab)
The M-series is Vizio's mid-range line, and with this discount you can score a fantastic bargain on a 65-inch model. Likewise, Walmart is selling the 55-inch model at a discount for $358 too (opens in new tab).

It can be a bit confusing browsing Vizio's lineup because of the different series it offers, and the differences that exist from one year's model to the next. This particular variant sports a dozen local dimming zones to adjust the backlight in specific areas, can hit a 400 nits brightness level, and offers up smart features by way of built-in Chromecast and Apple Airplay support.

Vizio also points to quantum dot technology as a separating factor from its V-series and E-series models.

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