Game of Thrones RPG gets first trailer, shows lots of running

Update: I found another trailer! It has stabbing. It's after the break.

Original story: The Old Republic could have been a Game of Thrones MMO, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. However, for those hoping to role-play their way through Westeros, there's still hope. Cyanide's putting the finishing touches on a single-player side-story that's set for release in "early 2012," and now it has a trailer (via Eurogamer ) that could safely be described as existent.

It depicts rather large amounts of aggravated grimacing, dramatic pacing, and a couple short gameplay sections that consist of... running. Characters move with a stiffness that makes mecha-Godzilla look like regular Godzilla, but there's potential here. The world looks decently realized - if a bit low-fi. It's not the most blood-drenched, battle-worn thing I've ever seen, but then, Game of Thrones isn't exactly fight, fight, fight all the time. Color me cautiously non-pessimistic. Or maybe in denial. Check out the trailer and judge for yourself.