Game of Checkers, Part 4: a tiny drama in CK2's Game of Thrones mod


Spoiler Alert

I'll continue Rosie's story next week, but before I go, I want to relate something interesting that happened elsewhere in the world. Since this event contains something of a spoiler for the fiction, it's on the next page, but here I'll explain as vaguely as possible why it might be considered a spoiler.

If you're only interested in the storyline of Game of Checkers, you can just come back next week—nothing on the next page has anything to do with my little dynasty. You won’t miss any of Rosie’s story: this is just an account of what happens with the current war for the Iron Throne, and it takes place without any of my involvement. And, the event isn't one that takes place in the fiction, it just involves a certain character from the books whose very name might be a spoiler.

See, there’s a character that died well before the books began, though there are a number of hints to indicate this character is actually alive and secretly living elsewhere. We don’t really know if it’s true. It has not been definitively revealed in the books yet (and I don't think this character has even been mentioned on the TV show.) One character in the books has met someone claiming to be this person, but it’s just a claim and hasn't been confirmed.

Anyway, this next section involves this character, so proceed with caution, or just leave now and come back next week.

Continue (spoiler free) to Part 5.

Christopher Livingston
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