Game deals: Green Man Gaming bargains

Mirrors Edge Catalyst

Being a PC gamer can be a seriously expensive hobby, but if you keep your eyes open, your ears to the ground and your browser pointed towards you’ll be able to track down the best game deals around.

This week sees Green Man Gaming going gaga over game deals, and is offering a site-wide 20% off until tomorrow, Monday April 18.

And with a bunch of other games, like Final Fantasy IX, having existing deals in place you can stack up with the APR20 voucher code and beef up your bargain power.

Green Man Gaming is also offering a selection of pre-order game deals with its Ones to Watch section, offering a 25% discount with the WATCH25 voucher code.

Total War Warhammer

These are some of our personal highlights for a little retail therapy…

- The classic Final Fantasy IX has just been released for you to relive on the PC and with the stacked deals you can pick it up with a 36% discount.

- The combination of Games Workshop and The Creative Assembly’s Total War franchise is every tabletop gamer’s dream come true and you can pre-order Total War: Warhammer now with 25% off. We've had hands-on time with it and it's already looking great.

- Keeping in the grim fantasy realm you can grab the Digital Deluxe version of the mighty Dark Souls III with a hefty 20% discount. We gave it a mighty 94% in our review, so if you haven't given it a shot yet, what's keepin' you?

- If you want to be a little more fleet of foot than a dude in full plate armour though maybe the upcoming Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is more your bag. There’s a healthy 25% discount on pre-orders right now. Check out our hands-on of this faithful second run at the franchise if you want to know why you should give it a look.

- But let’s face it, everyone loves a big freakin’ gun, right? Well, you can pre-order the new DOOM with a 25% discount.

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