GAME acquired in the UK, saving over 3200 jobs


UK high street retailer GAME has found a buyer, safeguarding more than 3000 jobs and keeping its 333 remaining stores open. The buyer, Baker Acquisitions Limited, have been advised by private investment firm OpCapita who also own Comet. In a press release , Administrator to the Game Group Mike Jervis described the sale of GAME as a positive sign in a troubled economy. "This means that the GAME brand will not be another one of the retail names disappearing from the high street in the current difficult climate" he said.

Ex-managing director of Gamestation Martyn Gibbs has been named as GAME's new CEO, despite having left the firm in July last year. "I am delighted to be leading GAME back to success," he said, as reported by MCV . "Our immediate priority is to help the GAME and Gamestation teams, so they can give our customers a great Easter in our stores and websites."

In Bath, where PC Gamer UK is based, GAME has closed but its sister store Gamestation remains open - it remains to be seen whether the remaining Gamestation stores will change to the GAME brand, or if GAME Group will continue to maintain both.

While North American retailer GameStop is repotedly interested in GAME's Spanish and Portuguese stores, its continued presence in the rest of Europe remains uncertain.

Chris Thursten

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