Funny moments from exploring South Park's open world


South Park: The Fractured But Whole is out today and it's really good. One of its best features is being able to freely explore the town itself, annoying the locals, rooting around in people's houses, and discovering the many secrets and jokes littering the place. While I recommend going into the game as fresh as possible, here's just under ten minutes of me exploring the open world. There's a bit of puzzling, a bit of fighting, and a lot of farting. Spoilers!

Exploring recreations of worlds from TV and films in videogames is something I always get a kick out of, whether it's Alien: Isolation's Nostromo DLC, Virtual Springfield, or hanging out at Castle Black in Telltale's Game of Thrones. So I'm glad to see this return in The Fractured But Whole. And there are enough new jokes and remixed or rejigged locations to make it feel fresh, even if you already thoroughly explored it in The Stick of Truth.