Fungal physics puzzler Mushroom 11 out soon

Mushroom 11

Back in my day *stops mid-sentence to yell at passing cloud* there were only about seven indie games, and three of them were made by Derek Yu. Delightful physics puzzler World of Goo was one of the ones that wasn't, and it's taken this long for a game to appear that reminds me of that wonderfully tactile game. Mushroom 11 is its own thing, of course: a game about an amorphous blob traversing a post-apocalyptic landscape, and in that way it's not unlike your mum's daily commute to Newport town centre.

Let's take a look at a trailer, shall we?

The human race is dead, see, and one of the few things to be spared is a big ball of fungus, also known as you. To move across the ruined world, you'll need to destroy parts of yourself, contorting your form into shapes that will fit through gaps and bypass obstacles. Don't worry: what with you being a freaky mushroom-thing, you'll regrow.

Developer Untame's strange puzzle-platformer is releasing October 15, on National Mushroom Day, which is apparently a real thing. There's a bit of buzz around this one, so it's worth a deeper look, if that unassuming name has put you off. Mushroom 11 will retail for $14.99, from GOG and Steam, and you can already find the Steam page here.

Tom Sykes

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