Full clan support is coming to Destiny 2

Everything we know about Destiny 2

At the big Destiny 2 reveal event today, Bungie announced that official clan support is coming to the game. That means in-game rosters, custom banners, tools for building fireteams, and a reward system that will be shared by every member of the clan.

A big part of the new system is called "Guided Games," which will enable solo players to browse clans looking for extra players to complete end-game activities like Nightfall missions and Raids. Basically, clans can pick up solo players—if a group of five needs a sixth, for instance—while less-social types will be able to learn about the clans before joining up.

Further specifics haven't been revealed, and there does seem to be at least a little bit of potential for abuse. What happens, for instance, if your clan picks up someone who's a good guy but a terrible player? Does he get the boot? Nonetheless, given that the lack of matchmaking for raids especially led to only 50% of players who reached the level cap in vanilla Destiny actually completing a raid, this at least sounds like an interesting and potentially elegant solution.

The Destiny 2 gameplay trailer has arrived, and you can watch it here. We'll have further coverage today as we go hands on with the PC build.

Andy Chalk

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