FTL: Faster Than Light launches on Steam

FTL: Faster Than Light is a real-time rogue-like spaceship-sim. It's brilliant, horribly brutal and never the same twice. It'll also be on sale via Steam in a matter of hours. Whoop!

We've been enjoying FTL since getting hold of an early build last year. You roam the galaxy, fighting random enemies while improving and repairing your ship. Although, more often than not, it's your failure to do these things that makes for the game's excruciatingly tense, wonderfully dramatic calamities. You will die, that's for certain. But will you be set on fire by flying too close to the sun? Will you asphyxiate your crew when you re-route life support to the shields? Will you be cut in half by an angry space-mantis? All these deaths and many, many more await.

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