FTL: Advanced Edition adds new weapons, content for free in 2014

FTL: Faster Than Light , last year's breakout hit from two-person studio Subset Games, will receive a free update that adds new ship systems, weapons, events and environments. Called FTL: Advanced Edition , the update will be timed to coincide with an iPad edition of the game set for release in 2014.

The update will also include new music by composer Ben Prunty . Mind control systems will force enemies to sabotage their own ships, and new sectors and events have been written by FTL writer Tom Jubert and Wasteland 2 scribe Chris Avellone. New weapons and effects will be available to stun and freeze enemy crews, and overcharging weapons will unleash higher numbers of volleys. With a game as finely tuned as FTL was, it will be interesting watching the new content expand our horizons without being unbalanced.

The closest I've ever come to playing Firefly: The Game was while I was obsessed with FTL last year, so I've got a soft spot for the game. Plus, it's notable as one of the earliest Kickstarter success stories that went on to big acclaim . After more than a year since release, Subset could easily have added this content as paid DLC, so releasing it to fans for free is a classy move.