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Frozen Cortex gets huge single-player update ahead of full release

Frozen Cortex

If you watched the Super Bowl last weekend, you'll understand how tactical sport can be – especially if you invade the field with a giant metal tiger. Frozen Cortex has no pitch-invading big cats, but it does explore the tactical possibilities of future robo-sport. It's the spiritual successor to Frozen Synapse, and puts a Blood Bowl styled spin on that game's simultaneous turn-based squad management.

The game is currently in Early Access, and recently received a big single-player update adding new modes, a story and character customisation. You can see a round-up of its features in the trailer below.

The main new single-player mode is called Knockout, and brings some roguelike elements to the game. Players must progress as far as they can without losing a match, but only get limited (and randomised) upgrades each week. The update also introduces two new league modes, in addition to a bunch of fixes and tweaks.

Mode 7 has also announced that Frozen Cortex will soon be out of Early Access. In fact, they say it'll happen in February, which, in case you've not been paying attention, is this month.

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