Frostpunk's latest expansion is out now, celebrates with two new trailers

Frostpunk's newest expansion, 'The Fall of Winterhome' is out now.

The new story trailer delivers a rather sombre message, left by a nameless former inhabitant of Winterhome. Named 'The Fall of Winterhome', it shows what happened to the city before the timeline of the main campaign. Developer 11 bit studios promises "hours of brand-new content" and a "unique map with fresh visuals." There will be more lore to uncover too, as well as "new mechanics" and buildings.

Alongside the above, comes the follow developer diary:

With that, a host of balancing and bug fixes have also been introduced. Full details can be perused via this Steam Community post, but highlights include faster scenario unlocks (now set at 20 in-game days), a bunch of AI and graphics optimisations, a host of bug fixes, and a 'Golden Path' achievement update—the later of which now properly describes achievement unlock conditions. 

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