Free Elemental: War of Magic expansions for early adopters

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Elemental: War of Magic was released earlier this year and was troubled by shocking bugs and AI issues. Stardock have since been working hard to bring the game up to scratch, and are preparing for the release of patch 1.1 for the game. To reward early buyers, they're offering the first two expansions for free to anyone who buys the game before October 31st.

The offer applies retroactively as well, so if you already own Elemental then you'll get the first two expansions automatically when they're eventually released. Stardock have also mentioned that a beta for the 1.1 edition of the game will be starting next week, and current players will be able to join and play with the new features. For an overview of what's new in the 1.1 patch there are details on Stardock's forum .

For our thoughts on this troubled but incredibly promising game, check out our Elemental review . The game is available to buy in Stardock's Impulse service for £31 ($49).

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