Free Civ V DLC will let you be Genghis Khan

Civ V DLC - Genghis Khaaaan

Firaxis have announced the first two items of DLC for Civilization V, they're coming out next Monday and one of them will completely free. Read on for details.

The Mongol Civilization and Scenario Pack will be free to download next Monday 25th October for free. The update will let you become Genghis Khan and take charge of the barbarous Mongols and their famously terrifying armies of horseback warriors. The new scenario charges you with conquering four major civilizations in one hundred turns, but competent cavalry and the massive bonuses when attacking City-states should help Mongol players get a strong foothold quickly.

The second slice of DLC was originally released as part of the Civilization V: Digital Deluxe edition, but will now be made available to everyone else next Monday at the price of $4.99. the Babylonian Civilization pack puts you in the shoes of Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon and gives you access to elite Babylonion bowmen. For more information, check out Civ V's official site .

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