Fract video shows a colorful world built on music


Fract hails itself as "a first-person musical exploration game inspired by synthesizers." I call it the neon-drenched offspring of a Brian Eno album and a trip inside a Daft Punk helmet. It's been on a lengthy development ride since 2011, but a free beta demo has helped things along. A new trailer released this week comes alongside an announcement of a full release in the next few months, so it won't be long before we can all delve into Fract's abstract world.

Dotting the deep landscapes of Fract are colossal machines left behind by Mysterious Things™, and activating them involves puzzle-solving of an aural and visual mixture. Musical cues become increasingly interwoven and complex as you solve challenges and explore multi-tiered spires to the tune of some awesomely chill downtempo beats. I'm reminded a lot of the musical interactions of Audiosurf, but Fractal looks like a more wonderful and in-depth marriage of music and mindgames.

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Omri Petitte

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