Where to find all the houses in Forza Horizon 5

forza horizon 5 house
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Where are all the Forza Horizon 5 house locations? If you want to own the sandbox racer’s impressive array of villas, estates, and even castles, you’ll have to progress through the campaign; Completing certain racers and Horizon Adventure missions will make houses appear on the game’s colossal map of Mexico. Once these icons appear, drive to it and you can buy it for a set number of credits. 

To get you started, Forza Horizon 5 gifts you property near the start of the campaign. Not only do they act as Forza Horizon 5 fast travel locations, but certain pads reward you with perks, such as Skill Songs and free Wheelspins. While the most expensive of the seven costs an eye-watering 5,000,000 CR, a couple of these map-hopping homes can be picked up for free if you own the Forza VIP DLC. Follow the map and tips below to find every house in Forza Horizon 5. 

All Forza Horizon 5 house locations

Below you can find a map for all the houses you can buy or are gifted in the game, and below are more specific directions. Just as I did for all the Forza Horizon 5 Barn Find locations.

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Casa Bella

(Image credit: Playground Games)
  • Price: free (starter house during campaign)
  • Perk: unlock Skill Songs
  • Location: In Mulegé, near the Baja California region

You’ll unlock this starter home during the first 20 minutes of Forza Horizon 5’s campaign. The garish pink villa overlooks the oasis town of Mulegé. It’s a handy fast travel point for many of the game’s early races.

Buena Esperanza

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  • Price: 700,000 CR
  • Perk: none
  • Location: Ek Balam, towards the southeast of the map

This luxurious villa lies deep within the Mexican rainforest. Earn enough credits by bagging podium places during races and this opulent pad can be yours for a wallet-pummeling 700,000 credits. 

Buenas Vistas

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  • Price: 2,000,000 CR
  • Perk: travel to any road on the map instantly 
  • Location: west of De Otro Mundo

Look to the west of the crop circles-like formation near the southwest edge of the map to spot this beach house. Although your cars won’t get much use out of the private pool, the associated perk that grants you the ability to travel to any road on the map in an instant is invaluable. 

Hotel Castillo

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  • Price: 5,000,000 CR
  • Perk: grants one free Wheelspin every day
  • Location: northeast of Guanajuato

Located in the Tierra Prospera region, this grand structure can be yours for a mere 5,000,000 credits. Easily the most expensive home in the game, you’ll most likely have to finish Forza Horizon 5’s campaign before you can afford Hotel Castillo. 

La Cabaña

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  • Price: 150,000 CR
  • Perk: none
  • Location: near the beaches of Dunas Blancas

This charming little residence is one of the cheaper Forza Horizon 5 houses. Find it to the northwest of Dunas Blancas at one of the most westerly points on the map. Even though this home doesn’t offer any perks, the views are undeniably killer. 

La Casa Solariega

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  • Price: 1,500,000 CR (free if you own Forza VIP DLC)
  • Perk: earn double Forzathon points
  • Location: northwest of Teotihuacan

A stately manor that can be found almost right in the centre of the map, to the east of the Cordillera region. The price tag may hurt, but buying La Casa Solariega bags you double Forzathon points—one of the most useful perks in the game. 

Lugar Tranquilo

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  • Price: 700,000 CR (free if you own Forza VIP DLC)
  • Perk: earn Accolades by taking a picture of your car in Photo Mode
  • Location: north of Rivera Maya 

You can find this seaside home between Playa Azul and Playa Tranquila. If the in-game map description is to be believed, buying this villa grants you views of "whale sharks and flamingos". I can’t back up the virtual wildlife claim, but at least taking a photo of your car after buying Lugar Tranquilo earns you Forza Accolades.