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Forza Horizon 3 rolls out latest update, dev promises more moving forward

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After improving wheel support and stuttering issues in a recent update, developers Playground Games and Turn 10 studios have again patched Forza Horizon 3—this time focusing mostly on performance and stability. 

"Performance and stability improvements continue to be a top priority for Playground Games and Turn 10, and will also be a focus of future updates as well," reads an update post on the Forza Horizon 3 site which references both PC and Xbox One iterations. The latest, though, does a lot for the former. 

It's fixed the crash issues that affected certain Windows 10 players when entering both the Maroondah Road Bucket List event and the online Bucket List Blueprint challenges with mismatched DLC, for example. Some players suffered crashes when using the AMD R9 Fury X GPU on Windows 10—that's been fixed too. 

Performance-wise PC players have been well served, with the latest update tackling the following: 

  • Players running four-core setups on Windows 10 should see CPU improvements
  • Improved thread layout changes for eight-core setups on Windows 10, resulting in improved performance
  • Improvement to performance in upgrades and tuning screens on Windows 10
  • Fixed a stall when driving in Byron Bay on Windows 10
  • Stall fixed when applying Drivatar liveries while driving on Windows 10

The full list of tweaks and adjustments covers a host of gameplay changes and general improvements—such as the addition of a 30-second cooldown to the Drift Tap Skill, and a  reduction on the amount of XP awarded for banking Skill Chains—the full list of which can be found here.