Where to find Oathbound chests in Fortnite

Fortnite - a player looks at an oathbound chest that's all white with gold trim
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The elusive Oathbound chests in Fortnite are found in hidden locations with their coveted loot inside. Aside from getting the upper hand in a battle royale skirmish, these chests are crucial interactables for a decent amount of quests. Where is the best spot to find these boxes? Don't worry, we got you covered on the best methods to consistently locate Oathbound chests.

Oathbound chest locations in Fortnite 

There actually isn't one set location for Oathbound chests in Fortnite, but on the current battle royale map they spawn in every area that looks like autumn. If you check the map for yellow, orange, and auburn colors you'll see the locations Breakwater Bay, Faulty Splits, The Citadel, Anvil Square, and Shattered Slabs—all of which are overflowing with Oathbound chests. The chests are porcelain white with gold trimming, and mostly found in houses or hidden under caves. They have a random rate of spawning in any of the aforementioned drop locations, so rummage around through the environment to make sure you get your loot.

Roaming around all these fall-themed landscapes can be a long task, so here are a few of the spots with the most highly concentrated potential for Oathbound chest spawns:

  • The pseudo-island on the West coast of the Citadel has six by the entrance
  • The South-West dock by Shattered Slabs has four
  • The cottage cabins by Faulty Splits have six in pretty straightforward places
  • Most places near the shore by Breakwater Bay have a chest nearby

If you're ever in need of an Oathbound chest, remember to always check the general area around Breakwater Bay, Faulty Splits, The Citadel, Anvil Square, or the Shattered Slabs. If you'd like a hyper-specific location for every Oathbound chest spawn in Fortnite, we recommend the interactive map at Fortnite.gg

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