Former Wolfenstein, Bulletstorm devs set up new studio Neon Giant

Having worked on everything from Wolfenstein to Bulletstorm, Doom and Gears of War, game developers Tor Frick, Arcade Berg, Erik Gloersen and Jonathan Heckley have formed a new studio. Named Neon Giant, the new outfit boasts over 70 years of collective industry experience and will reveal details of its debut venture in the coming days. 

With investor support from Goodbye Kansas, Neon Giant joins the likes of Tarhead Studio, Fall Damage—a team founded by ex-DICE employees—and Palindrome Interactive under the former's umbrella. 

"Neon Giant consists of a real dream team that not only has enormous experience, they also have an incredibly efficient working process," says Goodbye Kansas Game Invest CEO Per-Arne Luundberg. "I usually explain that we first and foremost invest in people, no matter how promising their game projects in development are. 

"Neon Giant is a perfect example of this, but they coincidently also have something great in the works—I'm convinced that their first release will be a milestone in Swedish game development."