Forking hell: Toyota releases Forklift Challenge

forklift truck thumb

I've never driven a forklift truck, so when Toyota releases a forklift truck simulator , I assume it's exactly what being a forklift truck driver would be like. Apparently, forklift truck drivers don't have faces or hair. Their job involves driving their forklift trucks around a racecourse-like track and delivering crates with demonic purple teddy bears sitting on them. They have to listen to awful music that immediately clashes with whatever they're listening to. And every now and then they must stop and calibrate their forklift trucks using the most stupid mini-game in the world.

It reminds me of the bit in Shenmue where you have to get a job driving forklift trucks, which made me feel better about my life because I didn't have a mundane job driving forklift trucks. Are there any forklift truck drivers out there? What's your favourite forklift truck simulator? Does this Toyota game do a good job of modelling the physics of the three and four-wheeled variants of the Toyota Traigo 48?