Football Manager 2018's Medical Centre is the best thing to happen to injured players

From what we've seen so far, Football Manager 2018 seems determined to make pre-existing series features more noticeable. This is a good thing—particularly when applied to injured players, and how they fit with this year's new Medical Centre. 

As you'll see below, the Medical Centre is described as "your one-stop shop for everything related to the fitness of your squad", and aims to provide a comprehensive overview of your team's injuries, which in turn should help you avoid them.

Within, sports scientists play a more integral role in identifying ailments, allowing your physios to focus on rehabilitation. The centre's five panels—Overview, Risk Assessment, Current Injuries, Injury History, Season Summary—allow for a more sophisticated look at the cause of injury specific to each player, which lets you adjust your training regime to avoid recurring problems.  

No one likes injuries, but their existence in previous FM instalments have sometimes felt random and unfair. The new Medical Centre should in theory put in an end to that. Here it is in practice:

Football Manager 2018 is due November 10—look our for our preview and interview with Sports Interactive head honcho Miles Jacobson before then.