Football Manager 2018 Steam stats soar in wake of World Cup

Announced via Twitter, FM head honcho Miles Jacobson says Football Manager 2018 averages 500,000 hours per day on Steam, with 553,806 hours clocked yesterday alone. Jacobson says over 270 million hours have also been recorded since launch on Steam last year, and that its peak concurrent players yesterday was 67,524. 

Steam Charts identifies the same—and suggests peak concurrent numbers have jumped following this summer's World Cup.

With its expanded Medical Centre, overhauled graphics engine and story-generating Dynamics System, I thoroughly enjoyed Football Manager 2018 at launch. So much so, that I'm still playing the same save—as are a number of other virtual coaches, it seems.  

With the long game in mind, keeping things fresh in FM is crucial. To this end, here are the 50 best Football Manager 2018 wonderkids to replace tired legs years into the future.