Follow-up to surreal jazz adventure The Norwood Suite in development

(Image credit: Cosmo D)

The Norwood Suite made it to number 90 in our latest Top 100, with Phil Savage heaping praise on the strange indie game about exploring a jazz hotel: "Whether you’re uncovering a finger-destroying musical score or just making a sandwich for a corporate stooge, everything you do is accompanied by a distinctive soundtrack and a witty visual flair. It’s a delightfully surreal space, full of mystery and surprise."

The Norwood Suite's creator Cosmo D is currently working on a follow-up called Tales from Off-Peak City. Another first-person adventure set in the same world as The Norwood Suite and Cosmo's previous game Off-Peak, this one's about a pizzeria in Off-Peak City run by an ex-saxophone player whose instrument you covet. "Your pursuit will set off a chain of events across the neighborhood, taking you deep into the hidden worlds and private lives of the people living there", according to the description on

Tales from Off-Peak City will be released episodically, with the first volume, Caetano's Slice, coming in 2020.

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Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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