Five great plays from the Heroes of the Storm World Championship

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Cloud9 are making quite the name for themselves in Heroes of the Storm. The team started as one half of the game's greatest rivalry and went on to become its first American champions. Yesterday they went global, becoming the first Heroes of the Storm World Champions in a clean sweep against Team Dignitas. If you missed out on any of the action (perhaps because you were watching that world-class StarCraft final) then read on to skip to the good bits.

Tempo Storm will not be denied: Tempo Storm vs. Brave Heart

Watch the entire match here.

After narrowly avoiding heavy losses in a bad team fight most professional teams would regroup. Tempo Storm, on the other hand, used just that kind of "opportunity" to take major objectives in every lane on Dragon Shire.

Their opponents, Brave Heart, responded in kind. They sent Kael'thas to deal with the cheeky sneaks as they attempted to summon the devastating Dragon Knight at the center of the map. Kael, in turn, sent his auto-targeting ultimate, Phoenix, to cancel the ritual.

Not only would the Phoenix have delayed Tempo, it would have stopped them from trying again long enough to take the objective themselves. It would have, except that either by dumb luck or superhuman timing Tempo finished their summoning less than a second before the fiery featherbrain could make contact.

Baited out of a base race: Team YL vs. Team Dignitas

Watch the entire match here.

After a hard-won comeback Team Dignitas was on Team YL's doorstep. YL, not ready to give up just yet, decided to put their faith in math. By going straight for their opponents' core they thought they could sneak in a quick victory without anyone noticing.

Well, Dignitas did notice, and began to teleport home to defend. At least that's what it looked like. As soon as Team YL responded in kind Dignitas cancelled their retreat and dove straight for the now-clustered team. With their own home clear, Dignitas was free to demolish both YL and their core without a care.

Murky's first kill: Cloud9 vs. Team DK

Watch the entire match here.

Only one team was willing to give the people what they truly wanted at the Heroes of the Storm World Championship. That team was Cloud9, and what they gave us was Murky.

The murloc with the most had seen zero play before the squad's match against Team DK. That's probably because of his incredible fragility, and very specific usefulness. Regardless, it was fun to witness his first-ever appearance in a championship match firsthand.

The results were shockingly positive, too. With Abathur's long-range armor and damage support he wasn't as fragile as you'd think. This was exemplified during his first kill. The puny Pisces charged past all five of Team DK's players to catch a kill the rest of his team could not.

Falstad's great escape: Cloud9 vs. Team Dignitas

Watch the entire match here.

Falstad, Heroes of the Storm's own flying dwarf, is a fantastic fighter. Luckily for Cloud9 his griffin mount makes him just as equally skilled at retreat.

Cloud9 thought they could make use of his first skill set on a long and ill-conceived chase into enemy territory. They didn't get the kill they were seeking, but they did find the rest of Team Dignitas just outside of their base.

Realizing their mistake, Cloud9 tried to send the overzealous aviator home. That's where his second skill came in. Without a second to lose, Falstad flung back the way he'd come with his signature barrel roll. Not to mention one, last enemy projectile in tow. He was left with a sliver of health, and Dignitas was left with the first in a long line of missed opportunities.

Divide, conquer, and retreat: Cloud9 vs. Team Dignitas

Watch the entire match here.

Cloud9 may be a championship team, but that doesn't mean they always stick together. That independence worked in their favor during their second game against Team Dignitas.

Dignitas was just one captured point away from a curse that would cripple Cloud9's defenses at the time. Rather than simply stall them, Cloud9 decided to take their prize completely. They sent Tassadar into what one commentator called "the den of the lion." That is, deep into enemy territory.

Two-fifths of Dignitas peeled off to pursue the support. They didn't realize that this left the control point, and their upcoming curse, up to a three-on-four fight. Cloud9 took the objective from them without issue. Dignitas' consolation prize, Tassadar, then managed to escape too.

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