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First Tribes: Ascend art released, more images still held hostage

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A concerning trend: more developers are holding images of their games hostage in exchange for social network attention. In the elaborate fiction that takes place in my mind, this just happened:

Josh: "...We now go live from the PC Gamer studio to Evan, who's on the scene outside the Museum of Jetpack Science to cover this harrowing incident. Evan?"

Evan: [pause for satellite delay] "Josh, the wave of image file terrorism continues with Hi-Rez Studios, who I've been told by authorities is holding innocent JPEGs for Tribes: Ascend at gunpoint just inside these doors. The images are said to be bound together in .rar file and unable to export themselves from the museum. We do have a list of demands from the developer...'We will drag one piece of concept art into the Recycle Bin each hour until our demands are met: 2,500 Facebook 'Likes.'"

Yeah, you should probably just come look at the pictures.

Save more vulnerable concept art from oblivion by publicly declaring that you like Tribes: Ascend on Facebook , alienating an estimated dozen family members and former girlfriends.

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