Fingered is Edmund McMillen's new bite-sized game


Fingered is described as a "police sim" about assigning guilt and administering justice across "21 levels of confusion". You have to judge perps based on descriptions, but it's implied that the perspective of your character will change your perception of said perps. Pesky relativism! It's out on August 18.

I didn't get any of that from the trailer, because the trailer—made by collaborator James Id, who made trailers for Mcmillen's previous games—is one of the weirdest things I've seen all year. You might not want to watch it in front of people, unless you want to have to try to explain it.

The screenshots are pretty weird, too. Take this one, for instance. Look closely at this perpetrator's "defining features".

Fingered 1

I think this one probably gives the best idea of what the game is about. As far as I can tell, you get testimony and a line-up, and then you finger the perp.

Fingered 2

Fingered will cost $1.87 and presumably no more than a couple of quid over here, so don't expect a huge game. I'm still hoping the next full-sized game after Super Meat Boy Forever will be Mew-Genics. Fingers crossed.