Finally, a game that lets us fight the human menace as goblins

Earlier this week, Orc Chop Games announced a new turn-based RPG roguelike, Goblin Stone. Having spent a not insignificant portion of my life battling the little blighters, I’m happy to say that instead of farming them for XP or taking their treasure, this time around we’ll be playing as the goblins. It's about time.

Giving me vibes from all sorts of different genres from traditional RPGs to card games to roguelike crawlers like Darkest Dungeon, Stone appears to be a goblin-flavored mashup in the best possible way. Not, like, a goblin stew mashup. Cause who knows what they put in there.

In it, you’ll gather a tribe of goblins to battle against the forces of sinister halflings and inept wizards that blight the land. Humanity has just about won the war, forcing the poor greenskins to the ends of the earth, and it’s payback time. You can build up your base, buy equipment for goblins of varying character classes, and do battle with parties of humans with a card-based system that looks kinda like Slay the Spire. 

The goblin art is quite heartwarming, and Goblin Stone features cozy music from Peter McConnell of Hearthstone, Grim Fandango, and Psychonauts fame. I for one look forward to taking a crack at saving the poor little green guys from extinction.

Goblin Stone is set to release on Steam sometime this year, and is expected on consoles sometime in 2024.

For more goblin experiences, you could try the pretty good Styx series of stealth games.