Final Fantasy XIV trailer reveals return of Gold Saucer

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Gold Saucer

Pop quiz: how many members of PC Gamer instantly bought a copy of Final Fantasy XIV after realising that it would soon feature an FFVII style Gold Saucer that came complete with FFVIII's Triple Triad card game? Three. The answer is three.

After all, Triple Triad was brilliant (opens in new tab).

The Manderville Gold Saucer is due out as part of the 2.5 update cycle—titled Beyond The Fall. The patch has been split into two parts, with this month's update—due out on 20 January—featuring the first two-thirds of the final main scenario, the conclusion of the Crystal Tower questline and The World of Darkness.

The Gold Saucer itself will be out later, as part of patch 2.51. In addition to Triple Triad, it will also feature Chocobo racing. Hopefully it won't have that goddamn snowboarding mini-game.

Both the updates will set the game up for Heavensward; FFXIV's first expansion.

For a run-down of 2.5's new features, wrap your eyeholes around this video.

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