Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn flaunts its new world


A Realm Reborn has certainly come a long, long way in looking better than the piece of chocobo dung that was the original Final Fantasy XIV . The above video fails to show the quest system, UI or any PVP battles whatsoever, but the new environments actually look like places we'd like to explore. However, looking fun is a far cry from actually being fun.

As such, it's impossible to determine whether this game deserves your hard-earned cash without creating a custom hotkey bar and playing the game itself. With surrounding MMO's going free to play left and right, A Realm Reborn needs to provide a very convincing argument as to why players should open up their wallets.

Those who had the misfortune of buying Final Fantasy XIV back in 2010 only need to ask to become beta testers for A Realm Reborn, though Square Enix is accepting applications from everyone as well. Here's hoping the game doesn't still feel like a beta when it comes out Aug. 27.