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Final Fantasy XIII confirmed for PC, releasing next month

Earlier this week, a Steam logo found on Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy page prompted theories of an impending PC release. Those theories have proven corrent, as Square Enix has today confirmed that the entire trilogy will be released on PC by Spring, 2015. The first game, Final Fantasy XIII, will launch on 9 October for £11/$16.

If you're wondering how a game called Final Fantasy XIII can have a trilogy, try not to think about it. In addition to FFXIII, Square Enix made the sequels Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

At this point, some will no doubt be asking why, of all Final Fantasies, they decided to pick XIII. My counter-argument is that Final Fantasy XIII is good, and that much of its derision is undeserved. Yes, it's not much like other Final Fantasies, but it has a really clever battle system—one that offers a macro-perspective on a JRPG battle, and positions you as the orchestrator of largely autonomous fights.

And with Final Fantasy IV's muted appearance on Steam yesterday, I have renewed hope of other games in the series eventually arriving on the platform. FFX? FFX-2?* We can only hope.

For now, here's an old Final Fantasy XIII trailer, to catch you up on what it's about.

*I am joking when I say FFX-2 is the best Final Fantasy. But I'm not joking as much as people think I am.

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