Final Fantasy VII getting PC re-release

Final Fantasy VII thumb

Yes, the news has finally broken. Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix's most beloved spiky haired JRPG, is coming back to PC. The new version will be updated and optimised for modern PCs, with achievements and cloud saves. Please feel free to make your own 'Cloud saves' joke here. Everyone else has.

Final Fantasy VII was originally released on PC in 1998, six months after its console release, but the game is usually more associated with the Playstation, partly because the port wasn't very good.

The new version will hopefully run a little better, and it's also bringing cloud saving, which is always welcome, and achievements, which are always... there. There's also one more new feature, which is a little more controversial, it's called the 'character booster', and according to the Final Fantasy VII website it'll let you boost your HP, magic and money to maximum. I assume it's being included as a kind of super easy mode, or a way to cut out excessive grinding. Still it's a bit odd to see it advertised in this way.

Final Fantasy VII is apparently coming out very soon, but in a surprising move, Square aren't going to be releasing it on any of the major digital distribution methods. Instead it will only be available through the Square Enix store , which I've never bought anything from. Have any of you?