Final Fantasy VII finally re-re-released on PC

Yes, after many years and one false start the other week, you can now relive the epic adventure that is Final Fantasy VII on your PC. In the unlikely event you've never even heard of it, it's widely held to be one of the best JRPGs ever that doesn't involve time travel and a guy called Crono, and is easily the most beloved Final Fantasy adventure of all time. Price-wise, it's £7.99 for the moment, rising to £9.99 in September, and there's a trailer to give you a flavour of its action embedded right here...

In case you don't know the story, Final Fantasy VII is set in a more futuristic fantasy world than most, where hero Cloud Strife and a band of environmental protestors face off against the ruthless Shinra corporation in a quest to prove that there's no problem so big, it can't be solved by beating up the right guy with white hair. On the way, he meets a beautiful flower girl called Aerith, who teaches him to love and has a long and happy life, and experiences plenty of entertaining madness involving giant cats, unstoppable monsters, and a scene in a bath house that's simply... indescribable.

New to this version are Achievements, a Character Booster option to help you past tricky bits, and the no-pun-in-this-at-all "Cloud Saves". Square has however resisted the urge to add cosmetic DLC where you can change characters' standard armour colours simply so they can sell "Aerith Dyes".