Final Fantasy 15 to get free demo next week, limited-time Half-Life Steam crossover

Final Fantasy 15 stormed the PC Gamer Weekender 2018 with a trio of trailers detailing its base game, Comrades multiplayer expansion, and scope for adorable civilian Cactuar mods. If you fancied any of that, the JRPG's incoming Windows Edition is getting a complimentary demo next week.     

Bringing with it the entirety of chapter one, it's available to download on Monday, February 26. Here's game director Hajime Tabata with a message from prospective players, who appears to be wearing a pair of dark trousers, a stripy jumper, a Half-Life headcrab hat, and—hang on a second, what's going on here? 

Ah, I see, we've been hoodwinked. Tabata's choice of headgear isn't random, but speaks to a Square Enix/Valve collaboration that plants silent scientist Gordon Freeman (his likeness, at least) into Final Fantasy 15 for those who pick up the game before May 1, 2018 on Steam. 

"If you pre-purchase or purchase FF15 Windows Edition on Steam before 1st May 2018, you can claim the Half-Life pack via Steam Workshop," reads this Steam Community post. "This pack features an in-game costume for Noctis based on Gordon Freeman, star of the legendary Half-Life video game series and the pack will also be available for FFXV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades as well. This means your in-game avatar will also be able to wear Gordon Freeman’s suit."

Alongside Half-Life's HEV suit, Square Enix notes Freeman's glasses and crowbar will be made available too, and look a little something like this: 

Final Fantasy 15's Windows Edition is due March 8, 2018. More information on all of the above can be found here