Final Fantasy 14's director promises to make an ultra-challenging achievement for the player who earned every single one, if they want

A female Viera in Dancer attire running through Thanalan in Final Fantasy 14.
(Image credit: Square Enix)

A few months back, one esteemed Final Fantasy 14 player obtained all of the 2,751 then-earnable achievements for the first time ever. That's 10 years for someone to nab every single accomplishment, with one achievement alone time-gated to around seven years of hard work. 

Well, if that Warrior of Light is looking for an even greater challenge, director and producer Naoki Yoshida is more than happy to offer it to them. Speaking through a translator at a press conference during London's Fan Festival, Yoshida said, "First and foremost, I just want to say wow, big congratulations," adding "to see that player just stick with it, just pressing on... as a creator of an MMO that's a really fantastic thing to see."

While achievements usually get added during every major patch—for things like story quests, new dungeons, and other duties—Yoshida is open to implementing something specifically for this one very determined player. "Of course we will continue to make achievements in the game, but whether we create an achievement which would be a higher difficulty, that all boils down to this certain player. If they are requesting it, then of course we'd be happy to do it. In that case, just drop us a message on forums."

I couldn't quite tell if it was a joke initially, but it seems like Yoshida really is serious about dedicating a little something to them. "If you do send us the message, I trust you. We will keep our promise."

It's a nice way to honour a player who's clearly spent an awful lot of time in Eorzea and exploring all it has to offer. I know if I was in this player's shoes I'd be taking them up on their offer, though I dread to think what wicked things Yoshida and the team could cook up in response. Hopefully not an achievement that needs another seven years to complete, eh?

Mollie Taylor
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