Final Fantasy 14 update adds 24 versus 24 PvP arena

I have only ever dipped my toe into Final Fantasy 14, but I nonetheless love reading about its in-game theatrical performances, charity drives, and ongoing housing crisis. Its latest update, number 4.14, provides scope for story generation too, by adding a 24 v 24 PvP arena mode. 

Named Rival Wings, here two teams comprised of up to 24 players will go toe-to-toe in a "goblin-crafted arena in a bid for territorial supremacy." In practice, this means toppling your opponent's towers with the help of waves of AI-controlled automatons. In turn, this exposes your rivals' core—creating ample opportunity to steam in and attack. 

Rival Wings is available now for players of the base game and its Free Trial variation, says Square Enix.  

Elsewhere, patch 4.15 marks the beginning of the game's sixth competitive season, which is set to run from now through to update 4.2. And, if you're less into the hostile side of FF14, Bards can now play harps with a new 'Perform' action. The latter looks something like this:

Our Steven is well-versed in all things Final Fantasy 14, so let me direct towards this article he wrote in May about expansion Stormblood's then new classes, and this on the huge update that landed last month.