Final Fantasy 14 update 4.5 has a release date and, more importantly, includes Mahjong

Time to check in with Eorzea. Final Fantasy 14’s big 4.5 patch now has a release date, January 8, and Square Enix has been giving us a wee peek at what A Requiem for Heroes will be bringing with it, including the Blue Mage class and, even more importantly, competitive Mahjong. Watch the new trailer above. 

It’s been a while since I last played Final Fantasy 14, and it looks like things have gotten a bit gloomy. I mostly spent my time chopping down trees. The trailer is really just concerned with the main story additions, which kicks off the end of the Stormblood storyline, but there’s a lot more going on in A Requiem for Heroes. 

A recent stream on Twitch showed off the newest game in the Gold Saucer, Doman Mahjong, which you can see in action below. Action might be a bit strong. 

Not the most tense of confrontations, but hey, sometimes you just want to chill with some Doman Mahjong after a hard day of mucking around in dungeons. 

The stream also spent some time with a Blue Mage and their brilliant cactuar mount. Blue Mages have a special spellbook where they can collect techniques learned while exploring the world, pinching them from the creatures they fight. Blue Mages also get access to the Masked Carnivale, pitting them against tricky opponents for rewards. 

You’ll be able become a Blue Mage if you have a level 50 Disciple of War or Magic class and have completed the main story for A Realm Reborn. Square Enix calls it a “unique solo experience”, and it will make its first appearance the week following 4.5’s launch. 

The 4.5 update will also include a new instanced dungeon, a Return to Ivalice dungeon based on Final Fantasy Tactics’ Orbonne Monastery, custom deliveries, new mounts and more. 

This is all leading up to the next expansion, Shadowbringers, which will throw a new race and jobs into the mix, as well as an increased level cap and more areas. It’s due out next year, and Square Enix will announce more details in February. 

Fraser Brown
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