Final Fantasy 14 players can't decide how to eat an egg

Final Fantasy 14 Lalafell eating an egg with the Eat Egg emote
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Mrhappy1227, a popular Final Fantasy 14 creator, has a point. The MMO is soon getting a new Eat Egg emote—an emote that looks impractical, maybe even disturbing, if you've never considered the possibility someone could eat an egg wrong. All we have to go on right now is a screenshot of a Lalafell holding what looks like a hardboiled egg with half of its shell left on. What happens next is anyone's guess, but if the animation for eating a regular egg is any indication, that entire thing is going inside their mouth, shell and all.

The emote will be available as part of Final Fantasy 14's Easter-themed Hatching-tide event that goes live on April 13. Like other holiday events, you finish a few quests and get rewards, like mounts, clothing, and items to put in your house. This year Eat Egg is the main attraction, but the screenshot has many players questioning how it works.

Mrhappy1227, who recently made a video about the event, thinks it's a poor way to eat a hardboiled egg. He demonstrates why in the video, holding an egg just as the Lalafell does and explaining how the majority of the egg would be hard to get to (with your mouth) without running into the shell. And I think we can all agree that you don't want to eat the shell.

Please tell me we can all agree that you don't want to eat the shell.

If the egg yolk isn't right on the inside—maybe it's too thick of a white—then you can't even reach the yolk and that's like the best part of a hardboiled egg," Mrhappy1227 said, holding the half-covered egg in his hand as evidence.

Mrhappy1227 took this argument to Twitter. The replies are largely in agreement, but a few people think the egg could be softboiled, which would change everything. A softboiled egg requires the shell as a cup: otherwise you'll have loose egg all over your hands. But the egg in the screenshot has a solid shape, or as solid as you can get with a low poly egg that wasn't built for this level of scrutiny. If it's softboiled, then there should be a spoon or something in their other hand.

There have been other suggestions for how to correct Eat Egg, but I cannot abide by them. "Easy, just pull enough of the shell back to poke a straw in," Toxophilala wrote in a reply to Mrhappy1227. I'm sorry toxophilala, this says more about your understanding of how hardboiled eggs work than how this emote works. 

I still think the shell is secondary, like the peel of an apple, and that the emote will make your character eat the whole thing. An extra crunch of protein couldn't hurt. I watched Ross O'Donovan—for whom this emote may be a reference—eat thousands of eggs like that on his stream.

Clearly, how the egg emote works is a very important question Final Fantasy 14's Hatching-tide event better answer next week.

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