Final Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC details (maybe) revealed by leaked survey

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Vivienne

A leaked BioWare survey suggests that the next Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC will wrap up this particular part of the franchise, as players embark on "a last adventure" that will determine "the final fate of the Inquisition." The survey, posted on the BioWare forums (via Eurogamer), may or may not be legit, but it certainly looks the part—and it wouldn't be the first time that information about an upcoming BioWare game slipped out this way.

"Having saved the world of Thedas by closing the Breach, your next mission will determine the future of the Inquisition," the survey states. "Your mark suddenly glows, erupting with magic connected to the Fade. Assassins attack in shadow. An invasion of enemies begins. Win a race against time to face a great evil before it is too late. In this story-based expansion, playable after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, you will embark on a last adventure with your team to confront the one who started it all."

Follow-up bullet points indicate that players will explore new areas, discover new secrets about the Fade, and face off against a "battle-hardened Qunari army," which sounds like good times all around. The DLC will also add a new gameplay mode "that challenges even the most seasoned veteran." If the report is accurate, BioWare is considering a price of $15 for the new content.

Of course, that's the question, and there's no small amount of skepticism on the BioWare forums and Reddit. But something very similar happened quite recently with Mass Effect 4, which turned out to be at least partly correct: BioWare still hasn't revealed very much about the game, but it confirmed at E3 that it will take place in the Andromeda galaxy (in fact, it's called Mass Effect: Andromeda), as originally rumored in a survey that leaked in April. We've reached out to Electronic Arts for comment and will update if and when we receive a reply; in the meantime, how do you feel about taking on a rampaging horde of Qunari as a final farewell?

Andy Chalk

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