FIFA 15 bans Luis Suarez, just like in real life

Suarez Message

Zombie apocalypse patient zero, and presumably quite-good footballer, Luis Suarez has been banned from playing football, touching a football, or even thinking about football until October 26th, for the paltry crime of biting another human during a match. As reported by Eurogamer, it turns out this ban extends to the virtual realm of FIFA 15 too. Hungry, hungry Suarez is in the game, but players won't be able to select him in certain modes until the ban is over. Try, and you'll receive an in-game email informing you that Suarez is unavailable until the 26th.

You can still pick Suarez for use in exhibition matches, though he'll be put in the reserves by default. However, the ban is in full effect in FIFA 15's Ultimate Team, where a search for 'Luis Suarez' on the transfer market comes up with no results. Not even a comedy picture of some dentures. Play as Barcelona, meanwhile, and you'll receive the aforementioned email informing you of Suarez's absence.

Suarez isn't the only thing missing from FIFA 15—trade offers have been nixed from Ultimate Team in an effort to combat cheating.

FIFA 15 is out now, minus (for the most part) Suarez. He returns on October 26th, hopefully wearing a muzzle or at least a bib. Here's our review.

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