FIFA 14's next-gen Ignite engine won't be coming to PC

As part of last night's Xbox One reveal, EA introduced Ignite, the shiny new engine that'll power their next-gen sporting titles - including the upcoming FIFA 14. EA say Ignite will allow them to deliver better physics, AI and animation to the pitch. And after year upon year of minor iterations, a dramatic overhaul to the underlying EA Sports tech sounds rather exciting. Which makes it all the more annoying that the engine won't be coming to PC.

The news came from FIFA's Community Manager Rob Hodson:

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Essentially, EA Sports are scoring the same PC own goal as last season generation: withholding the most advanced version of their engine. It wasn't until FIFA 11 that PC gamers finally caught up with the series' current generation engine. How long are we going to have to wait for feature parity this time?

More than ever, the next generation of consoles have PC architecture running through them. On a technical level, it's not like a publishing house as large as EA couldn't port their engine. Instead, for whatever reason, they won't.

It's a real shame to see. While PCs can absolutely keep up with the upcoming console hardware in terms of power and capability, it seems we still can't prevent game makers from giving them an artificial boost.

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Phil Savage

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