Fifa 12 first details reveal stronger players and revamped defense

First Fifa 12 screenshot

Details of the next Fifa game have appeared in the latest issue of OXM , outlining revamped controls for defenders and describing the new "impact engine," which will take into account the size and strength of players in tussles, and calculate injuries more accurately.

The impact engine will give previously sluggish but powerful players a more important role on the pitch. Bigger players will be able to crash through defenders and win headers more easily, and brawny defenders will find it easier to shove flighty wingers off the ball. This has knock-on effects for the AI, too. Strong players will know to bully defenders in the box.

The impact engine calculates contact points when players tussle, and promises to improve the already excellent animation system we saw in Fifa 11. The game will track player body parts that are attacked most often, and calculate injuries based on the tackles suffered on each limb over the course of the match. Ongoing injuries will be especially important in career mode.

The engine upgrades ought to make tackling even more realistic, a point that should work well with the new defensive control system, which places greater emphasis on timing challenges perfectly. There's now a button that will contain attackers. This will let you block their progress while before diving in to snatch the ball at the right moment.

Recent Fifa PC games have been playing catch up with the console versions. Fifa 11 came close to bringing the PC version up to scratch, hopefully this year's edition will get it right. You'll find all the latest on Fifa 12 in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine .

Tom Senior

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